Making a Claim

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1. Notify us

Notify us about your claim as soon as possible and in any event within 48 hours of any incident giving rise to a claim under the policy. You can do this quickly and easily online, by email or by telephone.

Online: Customer dashboard
Tel: 0344 856 3812

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2. Claims Handler Assigned

Once you have notified us about your claim, it will be assigned to a specialist claims handler who will guide you through the process to ensure your claim is handled as quickly as possible.

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3. Claim Settled

Once your claim has been approved and your excess paid your gadget(s) will either be repaired, or replacement sent, should it not be repairable or in the event it was lost or stolen.

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Further claim information

Depending on the nature of the claim there are also a few things you need to do and some additional documentation we will need to support and expedite your claim.

  • For all claims
    • In the event of a claim, you must be able to provide proof of usage from your network provider that confirms your electronic gadget(s) has been in use since your insurance policy inception and up to the event giving rise to your claim.
    • Provide evidence of ownership for the electronic gadget(s) for which you are claiming. Such proof must evidence that you own that particular electronic gadget(s), which may include the IMEI or serial number and other identifying details where appropriate.
    • You must tell us when you make a claim whether you have other insurance cover in place, and provide details of any other contract, guarantee or warranty that may apply to your electronic gadget(s) including, but not limited to, household insurance (where appropriate a rateable proportion of the claim may be recovered direct from these insurers).
    • There is a policy excess for all claims which must be paid before your claim can be settled.
    • If we replace your electronic gadget(s), the damaged or lost items become ours. If it is returned or found, you must notify us and send it to us if we ask you to.
  • Theft or Accidental Loss
    • Report the theft or accidental loss of any mobile phone to your network provider within 48 hours of discovery of the incident so they can blacklist your mobile phone (where this is applicable). We will need verification from the network provider that your mobile phone is blacklisted. If you wish to claim for fraudulent use of your mobile phone you will need to report the theft or accidental loss to your network provider within 24 hours of discovery of the incident.
    • Report the theft or accidental loss of any electronic gadget(s) to the police within 48 hours of discovery and obtain a crime reference number in support of a theft claim or a lost property number in support of an accidental loss claim.
    • If you are claiming for fraudulent call use, then you must provide us with an itemised bill from your network provider to support your claim.
  • Accidental Damage & Breakdown
    • After any accidental damage or breakdown occurs, you must take reasonable care of your electronic gadget(s) to prevent further damage occurring.
    • Do not attempt to repair your electronic gadgets(s) yourself or use an unauthorised repairer or this will invalidate your insurance policy, and your claim will not be covered.
    • For accidental damage or breakdown claims, to make sure your electronic gadget(s) are repaired or replaced as quickly as possible and to keep your data safe, where possible please complete the following checklist before sending your electronic gadget(s) to us:
      1. Back up your electronic gadget(s);
      2. Remove any screen locks and/or passcodes;
      3. If your electronic gadget(s) has a security feature, for example ‘Find My iPhone’ this needs to be disabled;
      4. Remove and keep any accessories;
      5. To ensure your data is fully protected, perform a factory reset on your electronic gadget(s) before sending it to us.
    We will explain this process during your claim and we will check that all security features have been disconnected before arranging your repair or replacement. We will not be able to complete a repair or send you a replacement until we can confirm the security features have been removed.