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  • Unlimited claims & repairs
  • Liquid Damage
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Did you know?

Stolen Phone

People have their phones stolen every year (ONS – Oct 2020)

Stolen Phone

Mobile phones stolen every month or 890 every day!

Phone with cracked screen
£680 million

Spent every year repairing cracked mobile phone screens

Like it or not...

Mobile phones have become an integral part of all our lives. Research suggests that 84% of us in the UK own a smartphone, and on average we spend 2 hours and 34 minutes online every day! Without doubt smartphones have become pivotal to our daily lives and routines.

Inevitably, as almost all of us would have experienced at somepoint, carrying a mobile phone around is not without its risks. We frequently drop our phones by accident... hence the reason why it is estimated that over a third of all mobile phones in the UK have cracked screens! Then there is the inevitable risk that we accidentally lose our phones or God forbid they are stolen.

With mobiles now containing much of our personal data including financial and banking details, passwords, sensitive emails, social profiles, pictures etc - when a loss or theft does happen it can be both emotionally and financially devastating.

Screen repair is becoming an expensive issue

...typically it can cost well over £250 to repair a screen on a high-end gadget such as a Samsung or Apple iPhone.

If you don’t have any insurance on your mobile phone, you may have to pay significant cost in order to repair or replace your gadget if you do happen to accidentally damage it, lose it or its stolen. Research conducted by Uswitch discovered that the cost of top-end mobile phones has increased significantly over the last 30 years by over 490%, with premium smartphones now costing over half of the average consumers’ monthly wage.

So mobile phone insurance can provide important financial protection and peace of mind when things do go wrong. At Gadgetsure we cover new or refurbished mobile phones purchased less than 12 months old(policy eligibilty criteria apply), including leading manufacturer’s latest devices from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Oppo, OnePlus, Motorola, Nokia, Xiaomi, LG and more. With prices starting from only £2.44 per month, it’s a small price to pay!

Everything you need

What's included

With Gadget Insurance from Gadgetsure you can protect your gadgets from a range of circumstances

Accidental Damage

We will repair or replace your gadget(s) if they are damaged as a result of an accident. Our accidental damage includes cover for cracked screens.


In the unfortunate event your gadget is stolen, we will replace it.

Instant Cover

All our policies come with instant cover as standard with no claims exclusion period.


If your claim for your gadget(s) is approved, we will replace any accessories (as defined in the policy) that were accidentally lost, stolen or damaged at the same time as your gadget(s) up to £150.

Out of warranty Breakdown

If your gadget(s) develops a breakdown outside of the manufacturer’s warranty period we will repair or replace them.

Multi-gadget discount

Protect multiple gadgets for you and your family

Accidental Loss

All our policies come with accidental loss as standard, so if you do accidentally lose your gadget(s), we will replace them.

Liquid Damage

We will pay repair costs or replace your gadget(s) due to the unintentional damage caused as a result of coming into contact with liquid.

Unlimited claims and repairs

No limits on the number of claims you can make during the policy term.

Fraudulent use up to £10,000

If your gadget is lost or stolen (mobile phones only)

180 day worldwide cover

Use of your electronic gadget(s) outside the United Kingdom up to a maximum duration of 180 days in total in any single 12-month period of cover

Monthly or annual policies

Pay for your policy monthly or annually with flexible cancellation terms.

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